Treasure Grounds

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One of the most interesting contents in Nume-RO. The content for challenges was called Treasure Ground, the treasure ground is an increasingly difficult set of challenges, this is actually not well-known yet except for the hardcore players here who frequently visit for the challenges and plays. Indeed, the content information of this games cannot be found in any website or RO servers out there, because this is the only event implemented in Nume-RO.

Basically the Treasure Ground is made up of 6 rounds, each round having a set of monsters that you will have to defeat before you move on to the next round. For currently, this is one of the most challenging and hardest features that has developed in Nume-RO.

Treasure Ground warper Located in Louyang

Schedule Server times: The gate will open everyday clock hour of 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00

Lasts and Entry
The treasure ground instance lasts until the participant either gives up or fail to survived. There is no time limit for the dungeon until the next gate re-open again, after the event started all players will be teleported out of the dungeon. Players can leave the dungeon, and re-enter it as they wish during the times. However, if the entire participant is outside of the dungeon for 5 minutes, the gate of entrance will be closed.

Requirements to enter into Treasure Ground:
  • All Jobs are allowed. Except "Paladin"
  • Level must be above 70 to get into the ground
  • Maximum 28 players to participate 
  • Every entry will cost 80,000 Zeny
She is one who manage for the gate of entrance
There is a cool down time of another round, during which time you will be unable to enter into the treasure ground. Once the gate open,  The announcer will be broadcasting everywhere in-games until there's participant to complete or annihilated.

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The following skills are disabled inside the Treasure ground.
  • Teleport
  • Ice Wall
  • Warp
  • Emergency Call
The following item are restricted inside the Treasure ground.
  •  Valkyrie Randgris Card

There are no item use limitations, although items that cast one of the restricted skills will fail (such as Fly Wing).

Each usually having its own unique theme and waves (for example, the first 3 level of rounds are "Normal ancient" monsters and the other 3 rounds are Ultimate rounds that being selected and customized with it's ultimately strong for participant to surpass.), that players must battle their way through, with a special boss encounter against Hollow poring and the mobs around on the 6th round, and Duneyrr afterward. This battle function required to defeat all your enemies monsters in around before the NPC or portal will be appear for available to warp you into the next round. However, the Boss Duneyyr will be summoned by the Death Mage.

Warp to get Treasure Boxes

Goal and Rewards
The reward for clearing this rounds or dungeon, other than the EXP, and the drops from fighting hordes of MVP bosses scattered in the 6 rounds, you will also get to reach and defeat the Top BOSS in the last level of round to surpass and the ground it will summoning valued Treasure Boxes which inside has the items for craft Master EQs (Godly items), and the TOP boss will drops Unseal's equipments which impossible to be found anywhere outside in-games, so be co-operate with your team or participant to success defeat all monsters together and you will have the opportunity to get your own rare items from inside treasure boxes! Be warned though, as you can still lose experience by dying.

Important Note: There will be 5 original treasure boxes and 30 normal rewarded boxes spawned around the area dungeon (Treasure boxes only located after warped by Dogman).All this Treasure boxes will belongs to participant who success clearing all enemies rounds. Once the treasure boxes has spawn, that player must first open/click first get with your own luck to hunt for original ones treasure chest! 

Note 2: During the Treasure boxes that has spawned. The GVG (Guild Vesus Guild) mode will be activated in 30 seconds. Very important and be careful, all the Porings around will looted away and disappeared all the items that has been taken by a Poring.

spawned Treasure Boxes
Total of Treasure Boxes spawn:

- Normal Treasure Chest 35 each
- Original Treasure Chest  6 each

Normal Treasure Chest Drops : - Red Envelope 80.00% - Gold 100.00% - Nume Coin 60.00%
( The Red Envelope could give you large number of zeny when you click on it )  

Treasure Chest [1] Drops : - Red Envelope 100.00% - Bloody Infiltrator[2] 80.00% - Gold 100.00% - Stunner[2] 100.00% - Ballista[2] 100.00% - Gate Keeper[2] 100.00% - Renown Archer's Gloves 80.00% - Ring of Xodim 80.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

Treasure Chest [2] Drops : - Emerald Crown[1] 80.00% - Sepphiro Card 80.00% - Yggdrasil Berry 100.00% - Golden Horn[1] 80.00% - Gold 100.00% - Red Envelope 100.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

Treasure Chest [3] Drops : - HP Book 80.00% - SP Book 80.00% - Yggdrasil Berry 100.00% - GOD Reader Book 80.00% - Gold 100.00% - Red Envelope 100.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

Treasure Chest [4] Drops : - Iron Maiden 60.00% - Wrath of Valkyrie 60.00% - Yggdrasil Berry 100.00% - Feather of Angel Wing 60.00% - Gold 100.00% - Red Envelope 100.00% - Zakquee Card 80.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

Treasure Chest [5] Drops : - Hammer of Wind 60.00% - Lightning Elemental Converter 60.00% - Gold Lux[3] 80.00% - Ring Of Spiritual 60% - Gold 100.00% - Red Envelope 100.00% - Unseal's Ring 80.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

Treasure Chest [6] Drops : - Hockey Mask 80.00% - Evil God Helm[1] 80.00% - Kamikaze Card 80.00% - Machoman's Glasses 80.00% - Gold 100.00% - Red Envelope 100.00% - Roguemaster's Bow[2] 80.00% - Nume Coin 40.00%

The customized Treasure Ground monsters.

MVP Monster: Hollow Poring Level: 80 HP: 1320000 BASE EXP: N/A JOB EXP: N/A DEF: 30 MDEF: 70 STR: 50 AGI: 80 VIT: 23 INT: 100 DEX: 180 LUK: 20 ATK: 2900~6900 Size: Large Race: Angel Element: Undead Level 3

Drops: - Valkyrie's Armor[1] 100.00% - Red_Envelope 50.00% - White Hollow Mask 80.00% 

This monster has no MVP Prizes. 

Monster: Dark Shadow Level: 99 HP: 150000 Base EXP: N/A JOB EXP: N/A DEF: 30 MDEF: 100 STR: 1 AGI: 60 VIT: 50 INT: 58 DEX: 185 LUK: 50 ATK: 3000~8000 Size: Medium Race: Angel Element: Ghost Level 4

Drops: - Dark Elven Ears 30.00% - Dark Blinder 30.00% - Gold 100.00%

Monster: Ancient Tree Level: 90 HP: 619920 Base EXP: N/A JOB EXP: N/A DEF: 10 MDEF: 82 STR: 1 AGI: 56 VIT: 50 INT: 50 DEX: 170 LUK: 39 ATK: 1000~7000 Size: Large Race: Plant Element: Earth Level 4

Drops: - Dead branch 10.00% - Tree root 100.00% - Wooden Heart 100.00% - Old Purple Box 20.00%

MVP Monster: Duneyrr Level: 99 HP: 751078 BASE EXP: N/A JOB EXP: N/A DEF: 50 MDEF: 36 STR: 1 AGI: 88 VIT: 90 INT: 80 DEX: 160 LUK: 60 ATK: 7222~9222 Size: Large Race: Demi-Human Element: Ghost Level 4

Drops: - Mysteltainn 80.00% - Katzbalger[2] 80.00% - Tirfing[2] 80.00% - Jeweled Sword[3] 80.00% - Byeollungum[1] 80.00% - Unseal's Armor[1] 30.00% - Unseal's Hood[1] 30.00% - Unseal's Boots[1] 40.00% - Unseal's Ring 30.00%

MVP Items: - Old Violet Box 100.00% - Duneyrr Hat 60.00%

Unseal Equipments SET information: Refer to this Link